Art Walk

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So this particular exhibition of art was very interesting to me. I thought that the content of feminism within the art practice is a bit over done (while is an important issue). The way it was presented however, was very creative and meaningful.

These two pieces in particular were very striking. The first with the pink tights in the embroidery hoop with the orchid stitched in was a favorite of mine. It’s a very simple and clear image that was presented in a creative way.

The second piece was something that I kept coming back to. At first I didn’t know what it was. Later in the evening I realized the connection when trying to explain why I liked it to someone. It was until I used the word “Nuvaring” that I was clueless to how the piece meant anything. I started thinking about the connection to marriage and birth control. How our society encourages this sort of sexuality with women, though as soon as the evidence of the encouraged lifestyle is under the woman’s shirt she is shunned; that is unless she is married.