Cameras, lenses, filters, editors

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When I first got into photography I started with a 50 dollar film camera my mom got me from the Goodwill. I still use it to this day and love it. I started with the 50mm film Canon Rebel 2000 with a 22- 55 mm lens taking color film and having it developed at my local Sams Club. I knew nothing about metering and how to go about getting a proper exposure in manual. For the most part I spent my first few months with this camera on automatic. I began to experiment after learning about shutter speed and apature in my digital photo class in high school, but still I was novice at best. After photo x, I will never take my camera out of manual. Anything else is the devil to me.

My mom had a Nikon D600 (I think) camera and I just began to experiment and play around with to learn a bit more. I finally got a Canon Rebel t3 about a year ago and I’ve been going back and forth between the film and digital camera.

For a long time I was antidigital. I really liked the grain of the 800 speed film and the overall results I was getting. I would order 4×6 prints and a cd. My original editor was google’s program picasa. I really liked the retouching feature and the color corrector and contrast options. I used this program a lot, but got decent knowledge for photoshop in my digital photo class.

Because both my cameras shared the same lenses, I took advantage of the use of my 22-55mm, 18-50mm, and telephoto lens along with a number of filters, such as the uv, cpl, and fld filters and my macro/wide angle lens. I practiced and was told I had an eye for composition. I actually came to Cornish for photo, but I fell in love with sculpture. The knowledge of photography definitely helps with any art form because you need to document work.

I’ve know got a knowledge of both photoshop and illustrator. Obviously, with photos I’ll edit through photoshop, but I do have a few ideas for a combination of photos and illustrator.