The Beautiful, Fantastic, Wonderful- Juan Franco

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Description For Juan Franco’s Male Gaze/Body Language there are a series of digital portraits taken, through performance, of men through the perspective of a web camera. The images are semi-pixelated and vary from black/white and color. Analysis The artist performed in front of a series of men through the internet and recorded their reactions through digital photography. […]

Oscar Tuazon, is it sculpture?

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Personally, I would consider his work as both architecture and sculpture. I feel like his use and exploration of space and how we connect with architecture and sculpture on a physical level. The experimentation with the space and the viewer’s relationship to an object is what bridges the gap between architecture and sculpture.

First Thursday

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so I spent first thursday with Ivana and it was cool. we went to all the locations on the list and then a few more. Then I had to delete some of the files on my phone to be able to send the cool video I took of the music machine thing that was in […]

Jonas Wood

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So his work is very repetitive but it works. He has a really good sense of composition with the photo collages he made and continues those good compositions throughout his study process. I feel that his minimalistic shapes is what makes his work successful considering how much pattern and color he incorporates in each of […]

Rob Rhee

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Rob Rhee works with a myriad of organic materials to create his work. Using techniques found from research and the use of other artists’ experience with the selected material, Rhee creates his pieces that connects him, his culture, and his inspirations. Personally I don’t really understand some of the earlier work, but I still enjoy […]

Art Walk pt 2

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These pieces were so fantastic. I really like the presentation and just the overall way it was created. It was a nice use of embroidery to make both two and three dimensions in each piece. I don’t exactly see any intention within each of the pieces. I could see how these mean something that is […]

Art Walk

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So this particular exhibition of art was very interesting to me. I thought that the content of feminism within the art practice is a bit over done (while is an important issue). The way it was presented however, was very creative and meaningful. These two pieces in particular were very striking. The first with the […]

Sharin Nashat’s Tooba

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I found this video installation to be very interesting. I really enjoyed the two different screens that were projected; it made an interesting connection between sight and sound sense the sound wasn’t necessarily directed toward one specific screen. I didn’t really understand it exactly, but considering it was based on something from the Qur’an makes […]

Ephraim Russell

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There was obviously an abundance of functional design in all of your pieces. In fact, I found that each piece that was shown really rode the line of being a sculpture and a functional object. It was very obvious the amount of work that was put into everything, even the smallest pieces. So the only […]

The Henry – Sept. 7, 2012

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Today we went to the Henry. I spent so much time looking at the exhibit of Garry Hill’s Glossodelic Attractions. I never really read into that kind of surrealist art that comments on humans and humanity and society in a very abstract way, but there was something very magnetic about each piece and all of […]