Erasers, Pencils, Pens

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I am not good at drawing. I practice and I work on it. In my drawing class we are to use different types of charcoal on newsprint and that is all. For our homework we can use what ever drawing utensil we want on Strathmore 400 drawing paper. I’ve practiced using different utensils and different erasers. At first I worked with a 4b pencil and plastic eraser. I’ve practiced working with charcoal pencils, and pencils of various hardness.

I’ve found that I like 4b and plastic erasers on standard sketch pads and paper. For portrait work I really like charcoal pencils and non-plastic erasers.

I like doing work with ball point pen but I’m not very skilled in it, but I’m practicing. I really like Pilot G2 pens the best, but I’ve worked with Inkjoy pens that I’ve enjoyed because the ink dries quicker.

I have a lot of discovering to do when it comes to materials.