First Thursday

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so I spent first thursday with Ivana and it was cool. we went to all the locations on the list and then a few more. Then I had to delete some of the files on my phone to be able to send the cool video I took of the music machine thing that was in soil to a friend of mine. Not really knowing exactly what I was deleting, thinking it was just bullshit cache stuff for apps, I deleted all the images and video that I took from today. Also the video and images from when I went to the zoo on Monday. BOGUS!!!

Anyway, first Thursday was cool, soil was the best of the ones on the list. I really liked Cable’s stuff. But we went into the Foster/White gallery and they had these really great multi media works that had photos with a layer of metallic medium or something and then more layers of that on top of pigment. Really eerie and neat. Then we accidentally sat on art that looked like cool benches, but obviously weren’t.