Mark and Jasmine (Work of Art)

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So, I must admit that I had never watched the show that they were on. I do find it to be quite idiotic to have the “next great artist” be chosen from a reality television program and for there to only be one.

I love Jasmine’s work. Her experimental pieces on wood are truly beautiful. I wish I could paint like her. I really admire the fact that she gives the impression that she is lost in her work and is completely comfortable with it.

As for Mark, I found his pieces to be a bit sub-par. Anyone could have gotten some of those shots that he got. Every mind has some place in the gutter, so I just think it wasn’t really worth what he was presenting. I did like his experimental underwater shots. That concept is something I’ve always wanted to try. His performance pieces were really good, though.

I really got some inspiration from the two of them just because as an artist I am my own worst enemy. I constantly battle myself on if I should pursue a career in art or find something more “practical”. For me, what I got from Mark and Jasmine was how that constant struggle of creation is going to happen at every part of life. I honestly think that because of the passion within myself to create is so strong that I have no choice really but to constantly create.