My Drawing Style

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The way I actually learned how to draw was by watching cartoons. I remember being up around 1 in the morning watching Daria and drawing Jane Lane and the Morgandorfers on printer paper with my wooden number 2 pencil. I would draw Spongebob and Gary and try my hand at Squidward. I did a lot of drawing cartoons as a kid. In my elementary school in the third grade we had an art teacher come in for an hour once a week and we’d draw things like a haunted house for Halloween and I specifically remember drawing this shell that the teacher had put in front of each of the students to draw and incorporate it’s shadow. She had told us to “image there is a trail of ants the traces the lines of the shell.” We were to translate that ant trail to our pencil and make the lines on our paper. It was the first time I’d drawn something from actual life. Before, the majority of my drawings came from my imagination and memory. I would draw pictures of women’s faces in a style that was very in between cartoonish and realism. I liked it, but for a long time that was the only way for me to draw. I began to be enamored with tracing paper in my junior high days. I remember tracing a valentine a friend gave me that had the top half of Snow White on it, I filled in the rest when I was done tracing what was on the card. I traced an image of my friend and placed him in a lego house. I was a big fan of tracing paper. In my summer school class before going into my sophomore year of high school, I would get very bored and would begin to draw and doodle a great deal. That was the summer I got particularly good at drawing cupcakes and ice cream cones. When I came here my drawing style had shifted a bit. I would get ideas for things and craw crude sketches in a small composition note book. In my design fundamentals class I also got some drawing fundamentals such as line, line weight, color, etc.

Now that I am in drawing and painting, my drawing has improved, but I’m still a fan of graphic cartoon style drawing and tend to use that style in my homework and get bad grades because I don’t vary the shading in order to create depth. Oh well, I like what I like.