Sculptural Performance Art

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My introduction to performative sculpture was in my Core Studio Concepts class. We were to make a wearable piece of art. They had spoken to us about this project/assignment at our orientation and right then I was inspired to make my marionette piece Apocrypha. I started immediately with a crude sketch of a person as a marionette in my small composition book I carried with me all last semester. I held onto the idea all semester and fought for it when I was questioned on my concept.

This and many other performative pieces that I have thought of really don’t start out with a concept or a main question of “why”. I generally get an idea or am inspired by other work, then I make it. It’s honestly just that simple.

I worked with my teacher for weeks working on the construction, design, and materials. Finally, we got to go on the run way. In my mind, my character was a doll who thought they were a human. She saw the people looking at her and had a look of sadness and wonder of where their strings were. I was to capture the devastation of realizing you are something you didn’t think you were. I suppose you could call that the concept, but in the whole process of the work, it started with the sculpture itself then the concept came from the performance.