The Beautiful, Fantastic, Wonderful- Juan Franco

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For Juan Franco’s Male Gaze/Body Language there are a series of digital portraits taken, through performance, of men through the perspective of a web camera. The images are semi-pixelated and vary from black/white and color.


The artist performed in front of a series of men through the internet and recorded their reactions through digital photography. Each photo has varied compositions along with varied light and balance based on the quality of the web camera each of the voyers had. Each image is captivating and striking, forcing the audience to imagine what it is they are reacting to.


Franco created this piece in order to discuss and explore the reactions to the body, specifically his body. Though the reactions can and should be seen as a response to the body language of sexuality, specifically to gay men, I feel this piece tells a great deal about how we objectively view the body and sexuality. The general hunger in the eyes and through the body language of the voyers expresses the objectivity of the sexual being that they are observing.


I see Juan Franco’s Male Gaze/Body Language as a great piece of art work that is captivating, engaging, and says a lot about how we see sexuality and the sexual being.

to see this work on Franco’s website click here