Time Lapse Photography

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Read my mind 2 Read my mind 3 long exposure 1 Time Laps Test

I’ve always been very interested in time lapse photography. My first time seeing photos like these was on an art Tumblr blog 2headedsnake where there was a series of long exposure photos of sex. I found the blurred lines of movement fascinating and loved the result of it all.

I got to work on this type of photography in my photo x class when I was given a self portrait assignment. I decided to take some 30 second exposures of me doing things like reading and drinking coffee, and playing with my sock monkey.

I ended up using this process again for a cinematic space project in core studio concepts where I was to document time. I did a series of test to figure out how I would make a long exposure of multiple minutes. I had to set up a space where there was little to no light depending on the length of exposure. While the photo was being exposed I was writing down my thoughts in a stream of consciousness type of writing.

I used this process once again in my core final where I did long exposure photography while writing down my thoughts and another do a blind contour.